Trips to the Coast

No, haven't made another trip to the coast, but I've been thinking about the ones coming up. I love visiting the ocean. For years we lived only a mile away--as soon as it started getting warm, usually around April, the kids and I would head for the beach. Back in those days I always swam in the ocean. Can't imagine doing it now, but the cold didn't seem to phase me back then.

I jump on every opportunity to sign up for any kind of book event that's being held in the coastal area. In March, we're hading over their twice. First, to Oxnard where I'll have a booth at the Celebration of the Whales at Channel Islands Harbor. That's March 21. Because we still have daughters in the area, we won't have to find a hotel.

On March 28th, from 1-3, we're going back to Morro Bay for a joint book signing at the Coalesce Bookstore. That means we'll be spending the night.

I just recently received an application for the Central Coast Book and Art Festival coming in September. This one is in San Luis Obispo and definitely a favorite. Yes, I've already signed up for it.

So, I'll be getting my ocean fix several times this year--but I won't be jumping into the surf.



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