And a Another Book Signing

I forgot to take pictures! I am so bad about that.

My book launch in the Porterville area was Saturday from 1 - 4 in Books Off Main, a new used bookstore that carries local authors' books.

No one came for the longest times--no one, no one for me, no customers for the store.

All sorts of things were going on around town: a huge quilt show, a Tea Party gathering in the Fairgrounds, and a few other things I can't remember, plus it was a gorgeous day--first in a long, long time. When we came down from Springville we saw a lot of people at Lake Success.

Finally, someone came in who'd never seen the shop before. I told her about my book, An Axe to Grind, and she bought one.

Another long, nothing happening spell. Then someone crashed into a city bus on the street by the parking lot. No injuries, but the way into the parking lot was blocked and for awhile the police blocked one lane of the main street the other way. I spent some time watching the excitement out the window and sampling cookies the store owner made for my big event.

Then an elderly man came in with 50 books to give to the store. He sat down at my table and told me some funny stories about his life. Before he left, he bought a book.

A woman who had seen the newspaper clipping about the book launch, stopped in and she bought two books.

About a half hour before time to close down, one of my critique group members came and brought a couple with her. My friend bought a book and her friend bought four.

So all in all, it wasn't too bad of an event.

I thanked the bookstore owner and she invited me to come again anytime--and I probably will when my next book comes out.

Hubby and I left and went to the Thai Kitchen for dinner--which was great. Not a bad day.

Next Saturday, it's a booth at the Jackass Mail Run.



So, Marilyn, what can be done next time to get more people out? The fact that everyone who showed up bought at least one book is an amazing percentage! Which means tht if you'd had a hundred people there. . .
I did as much as I could think of. I sent out emails and letters, the paper had a great write up, I did my Facebook and Twitter thing, don't know that I could have done anything else.

But, Donna, you looked at it in a way I didn't, that everyone who came bought one book and two bought more. That was pretty good. Now, if the store had more customers...


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