I love Easter Sunday.

Christians all over the world are celebrating the risen Christ--what Christianity is all about, though many seem to have forgotten that.

When I was growing up, all the females in our household, mom and my sister and I, all had a new outfit to wear to church on Easter. Usually dresses my mom made for us.
We decorated Easter eggs and the Easter bunny (Mom) hid them all over the yard or house, depending upon the weather, along with an Easter basket with goodies.

After we became too old to hunt Easter eggs, we still decorated them and had hard boiled eggs in our school lunches. And yes, still a new outfit every year.

Easter vacation was always spent someplace interesting, though never at Balboa Beach where all the popular kids from high school went to acquire their tans. My parents were about to let me go to a place like that unchaperoned.

When I had my own children, we did much of the same--with the addition of two boys to buy new outfits for--and I usually couldn't afford one for me. And yes, we decorated and hid Easter eggs. Usually one or two weren't found until long after the holiday was over. Often we took the whole family camping during Easter vacation. If we didn't go camping, we lived close enough to the beach to go every day.

Now, everyone is grown up and has children and even some grandchildren of their own.

We will have attended Sunrise service at our church at 6:30 a.m. and shared a breakfast with those who were brave enough to come out so early. Back home for a bit, then ready for the Sunday School class I teach, then to the regular church service. Easter is always a time when we have new attendees and others who haven't come for awhile.

After church, I'm having a Sunday dinner for members of my family: son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter; daughter, husband, another granddaughter and hubby and three kids; grown grandson who lives with us; perhaps another grandson, his daughter and his girl friend.

When we're through and all is cleaned up, I'm going to rest.

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Spring.



Mason Canyon said…
Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your family.
We had a great time--even invited friends home to have dinner with us. Hope your Easter Sunday was great too, Mason.
Such nice memories Marilyn. I remember the days of Easter with new spring outfits and big colorful hats. Now, it's jeans and tennis shoes. Not a fashion show in church anymore.

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