A Few More Tidbits About the Weekend

When we're going to spend the night, I usually look for hotels and motels through Expedia trying to find a cheap one that will be okay. We've stayed in some pretty interesting hotels this way. Some better than others.

With the La Serena Hotel we lucked out. Couldn't have asked for a better price and the hotel was lovely and only a couple of blocks from the waterfront and one block from the bookstore where the signing was going to be the next day.

I received several phone calls from Karen Kavanaugh both while riding in the car and after we checked into the hotel. Besides being a fellow Sister in Crime, we enjoy Karen's company. We made plans to meet for dinner at the Great American Fish Company. She and her husband, Jim, met us at 6:30. What a fun time! We had a wonderful dinner and jabbered so much and for so long, my husband said, "I think they might want to close this place." It really wasn't that late, but we'd been there for 2 1/2 hours!

Karen and I met at a Bouchercon in Pasadena. What a perky personality! I set between her and another Sister during an auction. They drove the price on every item upward by bidding on everything. I sat on my hands scared to death if I scratched my head the auctioneer would think I was bidding! Of course they both got stuck buying something.

I saw Karen at some other functions put on by the Central Coast Sisters in Crime and then Jim invited us to a surprise birthday part given for her in a lovely home they rented in Cambria. Because it was on the coast, we went. We've been great friends ever since and she's one of my biggest fans. (She's a mystery author as well.)

Hubby and I had breakfast Sunday morning at the Coffeepot Cafe on the waterfront. We always have breakfast there when in Morro Bay.

An that's enough about our trip.



Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like it was a great trip. Thanks for sharing.

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