My Camp Fire Leader Days

Two of my former Camp Fire Girls are on Facebook with me.

I had a group of Blue Birds first and as they grew older they became Camp Fire Girls and I stayed their leader for 10 years. I had three kids when I began, and had two more children while I continued on with the group.

One of the former Camp Fire Girls reminded me of the fact that when I was nine months pregnant I took them camping. Yes, I did. I asked the doc's permission and he said I could go as long as I called the Highway Patrol to take me to the hospital and didn't try to get there on my own. After all it was my fifth child. I think my son arrived about two weeks later.

In case you think I'm super woman, I took too mom's along with me who helped with a lot including the hiking. I was far too large and uncomfortable to do any hiking.

That was the year when the Beatles had first come to the U.S. just to give you an idea of how long ago it was. All the girls could talk about was how much they "loved" this Beatle or that one.

That group grew over the years and we went on other camping trips, a couple of back-packing outings into the wilderness of the Sespe Forest, to San Diego, L.A.

When the girls graduated from high school and my leader days were done, I volunteered to go along as an extra mom with other Camp Fire groups so got to go on more camping trips, one to Anacapa Island and a couple over to Catalina Island.

Fond memories.



Catalina is one of my favorite places to camp. Its great because you get the feeling of being far from home but your so close!

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