My Honey and Best Friend

This is what my hubby looked like way back when.

When I met him, he looked like a young Frank Sinatra with his big blue eyes and a black curl hanging down over his forehead. Where did we meet? On the sidewalk, halfway between my house and my girlfriend's. It was a blind date fixed up by my girlfriend's older sister.

My blind date was a cute sailor dressed in whites, bell bottoms and all. The whole big group of us boarded a streetcar and headed for Chinatown in downtown L.A. My date couldn't dance, so we sat there and tried to get acquainted while everyone else dance. Had several of the other fellows apologize for my date being such a dud.
(After we married I taught him how to dance and he became quite good.)

We all took a taxi back to my friend's house where someone promised a ride would be available to take me home. Of course none was, so my date offered to walk me home. It was about a five mile walk, so when we ended up on my doorstep it was about 3 a.m. My folks were up and frantic.

Because by this time I knew my date had no money or a way to get back to the base, I asked if he could stay the night. Reluctantly, my folks agreed. He managed to charm my whole family that weekend--and was invited back again. He came to visit every weekend after that except when he had the duty.

We'd know each other about 6 weeks when he proposed. I didn't hesitate before saying yes. Because we were 17 and 20 at the time, neither of our parents would give permission for us to marry. My fiance was transferred to the East Coast. Mom promised if he had to go overseas, she'd send me back to where he was to get married.

Wasn't long before he called to say he was going overseas. Mom kept her promise and she and I traveled by train to his hometown of Cambridge MD. We got married a week after I arrived. And that was the beginning of 59 years of marriage and still counting. And they all said it wouldn't last.



Mason Canyon said…
What a wonderful story. Congratulations on your "short" marriage and many happy more years to come.
Tribute Books said…
Great story,thanks!
Dorothy said…
Wow, I love hearing these stories! Soul mates! And isn't he a cutie pie!
Such a great love story and the makings for your next book, maybe, sure sounds good to me. Congratulations on 59 years of marriage.
It hasn't all been easy--but we took our vows seriously. We're both glad we hung in there when times were tough.
Cheryl said…
Aw, thanks for sharing your story. Hap was so cute back then.

I have a few pictures of my hubby when he was young. They're priceless.

Cheryl said…
You never know what marriages will last and which ones won't. Here's to many more years together.


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