One of the Pluses to Traveling to a Book Event

This week we went to Ridgecrest so I could talk to the Ridgewriters, a branch of California Writers Club about POV. This was my fourth visit there in as many years.

Ridgecrest is in the Mojave Desert and it's big claim to fame is China Lake Naval Air Station where many of the citizens of the town work. The town itself is medium sized with many of the same kind of stores you'll find anywhere else. There is an abundance of motels which cater to the Naval Personnel and all the engineers that come into town. Many people who came to work at China Lake eventually retied in Ridgecrest.

But when I say it's in the middle of the desert, that's exactly where it is. The photos were taken on our way there. The Red Rock Canyon State Park is on the way and the rock formations are absolutely fantastic as you can see.

I wanted photos of the wild flowers that were coming out, but didn't manage to get any. There was a sprinkling alongside the road of the tiniest light yellow flowers. I saw several Joshua trees with blooms. Ever so often orange and darker yellow blooms carpeted the horizon. I also spotted a few Indian paintbrush. By next week the wildflowers should be glorious.

We arrived in Ridgecrest and found a place to eat lunch. Food was good, and some of the patrons were obviously young military men and women. (My husband is always amazed by how young the Navy men and women are--even though he was their age when he was serving.)

We checked into the Bed and Breakfast, BevLens, always a delight to see Bev and her little dog Kaylee. (We have a great-grandaughter named Kay'Lee, making the dog's name easy to remember.)

At 5, we met some of the members of the Ridgewriters at a nearby restaurant. Good to see them again.

The meeting was at 7 and is held in a retirement home. We had a room full of people, the group had done a great job of publicizing the event, with two articles in the local newspaper and their own newsletter. Everyone was attentive and asked great questions. I hope they all know a lot more about POV than they did before. Of course I also have handouts. People bought books and then we headed back to the B and B. More tomorrow.



WS Gager said…
I can't believe your energy. You have such fun doing talks. I'm sending press releases to every library in Michigan about going to speak and throw in my second Mitch Malone Mystery will be coming out this summer. Drive safe going home and get photos of those flowers. Their names sound so cool and I've never heard of them before.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the flower photos. Libraries are great places to give talks.

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