Online Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

That seems to be the major topic being discussed on all the author listserves and blogs. Because these are all on the Internet, the discussion revolves around what works best on the Internet. Do I have the answers? Absolutely not. But I have the good sense to do most of the things everyone else is doing.

The first thing I ever had was a website: For years it opened with a flash of lightning. Most people liked it, but some did not--so I had my Web Maven remove it. I've also had her revamp the site a couple of times, and I make sure to keep it updated. That's something readers complain about some authors--that their web page hasn't been updated for years.

I have all sorts of things on my webpage including my latest books, first chapters, book trailers, appearances, etc.

Obviously, I also do a blog, because here it is. I try to update it once a day--not always possible, though I try to write blogs ahead of time.

My blog isn't the only one I'm responsible for. Every Tuesday, I blog for The Stiletto Gang and on the first and third Tuesday, I write something for . Once in awhile I guest post somewhere else.

When a new book comes out I always go on a blog tour.

And yes, I'm a regular poster on Facebook and Twitter and some other sites. Must confess though, I use as it will post on everything I'm registered to and that saves a lot of time.

I belong to DorothyL and several yahoo groups: Sisters in Crime, Sisters in Crime L.A., Sisters in Crime Internet Chapter, All About Murder, All About Muse, Epic Social, Epic Biz, Police Writers, Murder Must Advertise and a few more that have escaped my mind write now. No, I don't post to each of them every day, I only post when I want to respond to something someone has talked about.

I enjoy interviewing people on this blog too.

Does this take a lot of time? Oh yes, but since everyone says that name recognition is of primary importance, this is one of the best ways I know to have name recognition.

Tomorrow I'll talk about in-person promotion.



Great post, as usual, Marilyn. I'm tweeting this one!

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