Setting Aside my Writing

For this weekend I will not be doing any writing. Heresy, you say? Nope, in this case family comes first.

My eldest daughter and her hubby and their big Golden Retriever Archie drove their motor home over 5 through a snow storm to get here. Yes, snow storm--end of April in California--pretty crazy.

They park the motor home at my other daughter's house. Everyone came here for dinner--barbecued spareribs prepared by my son. Delicious.

Of course we yakked a lot--besides our guests, son and his wife, grandson who lives with us, granddaughter who lives next door were all with us.

Later we went back to the motor home and watched Survivor--we're all hooked on it. Yakked for another hour and then went home.

Today we're headed for the movies and we'll probably play some board games later. That's what we usually do when we're together.

We've got a big, big family and I'm always happy when we can get together.

So, that's why my writing is being put off until next week.



thejoanie said…
Here's hoping you feel refreshed when you get back to writing! Enjoy the family!

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