Sorry, I Lied

Though I said today would be about my in-person promotion, I set it to come out tomorrow and for some reason couldn't get it to make the change.

I'd hoped to have pics of the Jackass Mail event I attended yesterday, but can't get my phone to send them to my email address. I'm techno challenged today for some reason.

I'll tell you about the Jackass Mail event instead.

It's an annual event that has evolved a lot. This was the 49th year and much calmer and family oriented that previous years. Once they banned drinking on the streets they no longer hauled so many off to jail, yes, real jail, though they always have a phony one too where you can be put away if you're a man with no facial hair or a woman wearing pants. $1.00 to bail out.

The whole events begins with a party in a saloon a week or two beforehand to pick a wagon master for the Mail Wagon. I've never gone so have no idea what goes on, I imagine it's pretty wild though.

On the day of the run, the Mail Wagon pulled by mules (jackasses) is escorted the 17 miles to Springville by a long line of horses and riders. They make a lunch stop at the Antlers (about halfway) for a barbecue and liquid refreshment--the Antlers being a small saloon on Highway 190 with lots of space for horses to rest.

They don't arrive in Springville until nearly 5 p.m. The ride is uphill all the way.

Meanwhile from noon on, vendors are selling their produces from booths--I was one of the vendors with my books and before noon I'd sold two books which took care of the space rental--bands played, a Quick Draw contest with blanks went on, kids games and I'm not sure what all since I was across from the park where most of the activity took place.

Ned Beatty, dressed in appropriate Western garb, Honorary Mayor of Springville (there's no real mayor since we're not incorporated) said a few words from the balcony of the Springville Inn. And by the way, the Inn is the only place where people are allowed to drink outside, so the balcony and porch and roped off parking lots were crowded with people.

The arrival of the Mail Train was announced by gunshots. Bandits tried to steal the mail, as they do every year, and are thwarted by those guarding the mail wagon. Very noisy and fun to watch.

I'll have pictures in a few days.


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