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When this blog comes out, I'll be busy at the Jane Austen Fair. And tomorrow, Mother's Day, I'm part of the Blog Jog Day, so decided I'd write about mother's today.

Last Saturday, at our church's Mother-Daughter banquet, my granddaughter put on a skit about all the different hats mother's wear. I didn't get a picture of all of them, but this will give you the general idea.

What a funny skit--and did all the mother's in the audience laugh.

Melissa carried the baby with her no matter what she was doing, getting the kids up out of bed and getting them ready for school, for this one she wore a drill sergeant's hat and sounded just like one, "You will get up out of bed, wash your face, brush your teeth...."

When she had the witch's hat on, she was yelling at the kids who were fighting and one line was, "Stop your crying, or I'll give you something to cry about!"

When she wore the stocking cap, she was sending the kids off to school.

And the one with the sleeping cap, she said to her husband, "You want to do what?"

All of us moms could certainly relate.

Looking back over the years, I remember my mom, who had far more patience than I did and she devoted herself to making a good home from my dad and my sister and I. One funny thing about her, for a short while she had a housekeeper, and she'd knock herself out the day before the housekeeper came, cleaning the house.

I had five kids and I'm afraid I resembled the drill sergeant and the witch the most.

Anyway, on this day before Mother's Day, I want to thank all the mothers who've worn all sorts of different hats every single day.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you.



She Wrote said…
I can relate only too well. Even now as a Nana I have my "moments" with 16 year old twin granddaughters. BUT, today I needed to find you because I cannot (no matter what hat I wear) find the webpage for the PublicSafetyWriters Assoc. (!) Google says it is "under construction". Help! I am a member under another name because my Google name is under my pen name. I'll check back for directions.
This was not supposed to post until Saturday, please scroll down and read about Bonnie Hearn Hill and her new YA book.

You can find the webpage at http://www.publicsafetywriter.com or http://www.policewriter.com

Hope this works, otherwise email me at mmeredith@ocsnet.net

She Wrote said…
Found it under the second listing. Thanks. Great article on Serial Killers. Rusty G.
Carol said…
Hi Marilyn,
Please don't forget to post your forwarding link to http://riseabovereason.blogspot.com for Blog Jog Day May 9
Hi Marilyn,

Loved your Mother's Day post. Added myself to your followers. Kind regards,
Diane Tegarden said…
thanks for dropping by my blog, you certainly are an avid writer and I wholeheartedly agree with you about writing. If I couldn't write I would shrivel up and die! I can't stop writing, whether it's poetry, science fiction, self help books, verse for cards or songs, there's always something cooking in my head.
Glad to meet you, best of luck at the Jane Austen Fair.
Diane T. and furfamily
elysabeth said…
Fun posting about mothers. Too bad you didn't get the skit on video. It would have been fun to watch. Thanks for posting. E :)

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