Cindy Bradford, Author of Promises Kept

About Promises Kept:

Promises Kept is Faith’s story, an unforgettable young woman whose life’s journey has been filled with uncertainty, of searching for people and answers that others take for granted. Compassionate and courageous, she never gives up, showing strength and character beyond her years. It is also the story about the power of the human spirit, of family, friends and love.

About Cindy Bradford:

Cindy Bradford, Ph.D., is also the author of Keeping Faith and Promises Kept. She lives at South Padre Island, Texas, and spends several months a year in Ruidoso, New Mexico. She is a retired public school educator and university professor. She often incorporates her knowledge of wine into her writings and shares the beautiful places she has visited with her readers.

My interview with Cindy Bradford:

Marilyn: Tell me when you first knew you wanted to be a writer.

Cindy: I don’t ever remember not wanting to write or not writing for that matter. I wrote little stories on typing paper around the house when I was not even in first grade. In high school I wrote poetry, and I was probably the only person in English class who actually enjoyed writing themes and research papers. I liked it so much I wrote them for football players, for a fee, of course. Sure glad all my old English teachers have passed on!! I’m really not a nerd, but I know it sounds like it from this description!!

Marilyn: Will you share some of your background?

Cindy: I grew up in East Texas, the daughter of two school teachers, who thought I could do anything. Although I am the baby in the family and only girl with two older brothers, I am extremely independent. I don’t give up easily, and am one of the most persistent people in the world. I went to Kilgore College and then to Baylor University where I received my BA in English and journalism.

I vowed to never teach, but found myself doing just that shortly after graduation, and remained in education for the next thirty years (when I determined people get out of the pen for murder in less time than that I decided to retire). While I worked as a high school teacher and then as an administrator, I attended the University of North Texas where I earned my Master’s and Ph.D. I served as an assistant superintendent and then as superintendent before teaching graduate school at the university level.

My experience as an educator has allowed me the opportunity to become a consultant for a worldwide school accreditation organization in my retirement. I am fortunate to travel all over the world to evaluate schools, which makes it possible to meet many wonderful people and share their cultures.

Marilyn: What kind of obstacles have you had to overcome while writing this book?

Cindy: Finding time to do everything I want to do. I experience a zillion interruptions to my writing time, because since I do consulting, educators from the schools I am evaluating are always calling with questions.

Although I love writing, I have many other interests such as traveling, gardening, drinking wine…and the list goes on. Writing blogs takes an inordinate amount of time, but I realize that they are important as is the website in general. I am fairly disciplined, however, and I never miss a deadline, so I guess you can say I do overcome my obstacles. Did I mention I like wine???

Marilyn: Did you have difficulties finding a publisher?

Cindy: Doesn’t everyone?? I think finding a publisher is one of the most frustrating endeavors I ever attempted. I wrote so many query letters that I could do it in my sleep. I don’t want to whine, but the whole process seems a little unfair, but then nobody said life was fair.

Marilyn: Has anything changed for you since the book was published?

Cindy: I would like to say “well now I am a celebrity,” but then my friends would read this and call my hand. Actually, the only real change is that I am busier than ever, trying to market the book and keep up with the blogs.

Marilyn: What do you find most challenging now?

Cindy: It’s hard to balance writing my third book and doing everything I need to do to market the first two.

Marilyn: What are your plans for the future?

Cindy: I plan to keep writing and continue traveling, and hopefully stay healthy without exercising or eating properly. I hate exercise, but I love being active. Working in my yard and lifting my wine glass are my kind of exercise programs.

Marilyn: Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Cindy: I have a great sense of humor, and find humor in most everything I do. I’m an extrovert who loves meeting new people and seeing new places. In the last eight years I have traveled to approximately 45 countries. Many of these places are incorporated in my books. I also tell my friends to be careful what they say or do—they might end up in one of my novels!!!

Marilyn: Tell my readers where your book can be purchased.
and (this link will be live in a couple of weeks)

Thank you so much, Cindy, what delightful answers.

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Chris Cobb said…
Great interview, Marilyn. Just want to update that Promises Kept is now available at Amazon.
Cindy Bradford said…
Hi Marilyn, Thanks for hosting me today. It is a beautiful Friday in South Texas. Maybe a nice wine at sunset will cap off the week. Again, thanks.
GayleHood said…
Great interview. I am in the midst of reading Promises Kept and it is hard to put it down!

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