Favorite TV Shows

One of my most favorites just came back to regular TV--Friday Night Lights. If you are unfamiliar with it, it's on Friday nights, appropriately, and it's all about a Texas high school football coach, his family, and his team. It's far more realistic than most TV shows about families. If you've never seen it, it's worth ordering the prior seasons from Netflix.

It's what I would call wholesome TV viewing.

Another favorite of mine is also on Friday nights, Medium. On another channel, I love the characters on this one--partly because they look like real people, not TV actors.

And anyone who has read my blog for long knows I'm a sucker for reality TV. Yes, I watch Dancing with the Stars, and actually have converted my hubby as a fan. He's far better at spotting their dancing mistakes than I am. Years ago we loved to dance, even won a dancing contest on a cruise.

Survivor was fun this year too because of one of the villains who just couldn't understand why people wouldn't vote for him to win the million dollars even though he lied to everyone. The gal who won probably didn't play the smartest game, but she didn't lie to anyone and made no enemies.

The Amazing Race is another I like to follow--partly because I have a granddaughter who really wants to do this one with her hubby. It's also fun because my daughter watches too and we like to talk about via email afterward.

I watch the Celebrity Apprentice off and on if nothing more enticing is on. I'd hate to have to do any of the challenges they are given.

By evening time, my brain is ready for a rest and I suspect that's why I enjoy watching these shows that take little concentration. Sometimes I read during commercials, but reading in the daytime is more fun for me. The big problem is there's little time in the daytime because that's when I'm writing.

Often there are shows on at 10 I'd love to watch, but I can't stay awake.

What are your favorite TV shows and why?



Mason Canyon said…
The only shows I've been keeping up with lately have been Castle, Bones and NICS. I guess I enjoy these because of the mystery element, plus a little humor thrown in.

Thoughts in Progress
I like NCIS too, but I've skipped it to watch Dancing with the Stars, there's always reruns. I can't stay awake for Castle. I love mysteries too, but some of them have been pretty lame lately.
Mark Tabb said…
30 Rock. I never miss 30 Rock.
Hi, Mark,

30 Rock is not among my favorites. I do love Glee though, the singing in wonderful--much better than American Idol, they sing instead of shrieking and you can understand the words.

Johnny Russell said…
I'm with you Marilyn, my wife and I love Medium. But we also love Flash Forward and Fringe, which I hear are slated to be canceled, DARN IT!
Holli said…
Shows I won't miss- Glee, Castle, Dr. Who, Criminal Minds, NCIS.

Shows I won't miss but will DVR and watch later- NCIS, Bones, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Stargate Universe, Burn Notice, Chuck, Psych,Fringe, The Mentalist, Raising the Bar, Treme, Leverage, Hell's Kitchen, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, In Plain Sight, True Blood, Primeval, Royal Pains, Make It or Break It, White Collar, Human Target, Caprica.

Okay, that looks like a lot of t.v., but a lot of these shows take the place of the others- for instance, some of these have new episodes only in the summer when everything else is in reruns, and others have a weird mid-season schedule. This way I always have something new to watch.

Gumbo Justice
Susan said…
I also like mysteries and Sci-Fi and have never understood the appeal of "reality" TV.

Shows I like: Chuck, Castle, The Mentalist, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Demons (cancelled unfortunately), Primevil (the first two seasons), NCIS, Glee, In Plain Sight, Leverage, White Collar.

Living in the Central timezone at least allows me to see shows that would normally be on 10 (too late for me to stay up for) at 9 instead.
I like the Mentalist and Criminal Intent too--and like Holli said, some shows replace others that go off for the summer--even if you have to switch channels to do it. I also love to watch DVD movies and belong to Netflix to get them.
Judi said…
When I moved at the end of March, I didn't order cable or satellite, so the only shows I watch are ones I can get through the computer or Netflix. And those usually are Dancing with the Stars, Castle and 48 Hours.

There is soooooo little on broadcast TV that is worth the time. I don't miss broadcast at all.
Anonymous said…
my favorite is the Amazing Race (yep, I'm the granddaughter who wants to go on it) and I love talking to, or really, telling my husband how we would tackle each challenge. Another enjoyable one is The Middle. I'm a speech pathologist and have a few little boys like Brick--sort of on the autism spectrum but definitely having the social disorder--the episode where he was band from the library and hid under the slide with all his other "weird" friends made me laugh so hard I cried. The other one I really like is Modern Family. I think the gay couple of Cam and Mitchell are absolutely hysterical. A friend of mine in graduate school and his partner were a lot like them.
The Middle and Modern Family just make you laugh.
the oldguey said…
Upon retiring from LE 20 yrs ago, I walked away, (burnout) although people continually pestered me for legal advise. In Nov. I wrote my first police mystery and since became a fan of NCIS. Not sure why other police shows hold no appeal. Other than NCIS & the news, I don't watch TV, but have gone to more movies this past year than before. Maybe it's the popcorn.
Hi, my granddaughter who I expect to see on the Amazing Race one of these days.

And oldguey, we love movies too.

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