From E book to Print Book

Usually it's the other way around--an author will have a book that's out of print or one they never could find a publisher for and publish it as an e-book on Kindle or some of the other e-book outlets.

My romance with supernatural touches, Lingering Spirit, was first an e-book with a publisher that I eventually broke ties with.

When Oak Tree Press started publishing my Rocky Bluff P.D. series and putting them on Kindle, I was asked if I had an other books that could be put on Kindle. Oh, boy, did I. The earlier Rocky Bluff P.D. books, of course, but I also had Lingering Spirit.

The publisher read the book and fell in love with it and soon it was available on Kindle. Recently she asked if she could turn it into a regular book. Of course, I said yes.

She sent me the page set-ups and asked me to review them. When I started reading the first pages, I cried. Can you believe that? My own book made me cry.

I'll tell you more about Lingering Spirit and what caused me to write that story in another blog...and I'll keep you up-to-date on the progression of it finally becoming a regular book.



Mason Canyon said…
Looking forward to learning more about LINGERING SPIRIT.

Thoughts in Progress
Why not, you deserve to appreciate all your hard work. I'm a bit embarassed when I laugh at my jokes in my books for the little ones...
Susan said…
Marilyn, are any of your books available in ePub format in addition to Kindle?
MissV said…
love hearing things like this!
Susan, most of my books are e-books and available in other places. You can get my Tempe Crabtree books in any format from
Sun Singer said…
I like hearing stories like this. Best of luck with the "hard copy" version.

Hi Marilyn,
The Twitter link to this blog was broken. You might want to re-issue. They moved release of my book up 2 months which has had me scrambling to adjust the timetable. Taking a couple days off to be with family this weekend. (Using their computer) Haven't written anything new for a month except blogs and edits.

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