Genes are funny, aren't they?

Kay'Lee is one of my 18 great-grandchildren. She's my grandson's daughter. I love being around her because she reminds me a lot of me when I was her age. Not all of it is good--she's bossy like I was bossy.

She looks a lot like her dad's mom, especially around the eyes, and she inherited both her mom's and dad's curly hair.

Her imagination is great--she is able to play all by herself with a few props. Once while I was working in my office, she managed to put together a few things, stood by a dresser and pretended she was one of those gals who take orders at the window of a fast food restaurant.

Another time, she made the little closet under the stairs her office, using a lot of my used paper, a marking pen and a stapler to do all sorts of things. I could hear her talking away and at times she'd come and include me in her fantasy.

Of course it made me smile, I did so many of the same things when I was her age.

Now, what I am hoping is that she inherited the best genes from all of her family members.

She's growing up quickly and probably won't have too much more time for her great-grandma. I'm just happy I can be as much a part of her life as I am.



I'm sure she will have time for you in the future. There is definitely a bond between you and you can make allowances for her 'failings' which are echoes of you own. Hugs...
Mason Canyon said…
She sounds adorable and such an imagination.

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MissV said…
She's adorable! I used to do all those things too. I guess the genes are skipping a generation because my kids -- while imaginative -- don't keep themselves entertained like that for long.
Genes pop in and out of different kids--I see mechanical ability like my dad and hubby both had, in some kids and not others.

Hubby plays the piano like crazy, but only one great-granddaughter who is interested in music and she's doing Irish dances and playing the violin.

Not going to mention the bad traits. Tee hee!

Thanks for stopping by, Carole Anne, Mason and MissV.

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