Great Granddaughter Kay'Lee and her Mom

When tickets were being sold for the Mother Daughter Luncheon, my great-granddaughter Kay'Lee told her Awana leader that she wanted to come to it with her mom. My grandson is her dad, but unfortunately he and her mother never married though they have remained friends and Kay'Lee is very much in her daddy's life.

I bought the tickets so Kay'Lee could attend with her mom. They sat across from me and it was great to have them there with us. The daughters were told to serve the mom's and Kay'Lee was the first out of her chair. Not only did she serve her mom, but she served many of the others with the help of an older teenage girl who is the leader of Children's Church.

Kay'Lee won the prize for being the youngest daughter. Prize winners could choose something from a table of prizes--she chose make-up. Just what a seven-year-old needs, right? No matter, she was thrilled.

Her mom told me she got really good grades on her report card though the teacher said she was kind of bossy. Poor girl, she comes by that naturally. I've always been bossy, and got the same report way back when I was Kay'Lee's age.

Still glowing from the wonderful time we all had at the Mother Daughter Luncheon. Certainly hope it becomes an annual affair.



Mason Canyon said…
You have a beautiful great-granddaughter. Sounds like the event was a big hit and lots of fun.

Thoughts in Progress
Thank you, Mason. We did have a great time.

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