Interesting Observation About Female Authors and Families

Everyone who has been around me or read my blogs, knows that I have a large family. Hubby and I raised five children, lost a son to cancer when he was in his early 40s, have 18 grandkids and 11 great-grands.

But one thing I've noticed about many of my mystery writing friends is that many of them are childless or only have one child. I wonder if that means anything? It does probably mean that they have less distractions. When you have a family the size of mine with many of the living nearby--distractions are inevitable.

Though I can't really call her a friend, even though I've met her twice, Mary Higgins Clark also has five children. I have no idea if there are greats or grands. I'm guessing though, when she's writing, she is probably left alone. Though I know she was single for many, many years, mostly raising her children along, it hasn't been too awfully long ago, that she remarried. Probably there are more distractions now of a pleasant type.

I'm digressing. Perhaps the same is true of male mystery authors, that many don't have any children at all--but I don't know, I'm not friends with many of them. I do have lots of female mystery authors though, and of the ones I know, only a handful have kids.

I'm not sure what this means, if anything at all.

Anyone want to post a theory?



MAGGI said…
Because a book is the author's 'baby' and they are tend to be obsessive? Or perhaps some prefer to live in a fantasy world? When my children were young I didn't write at all, although many writers seem to manage it.

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