Jane Austen Fair

Once again I'm getting ready for a fair--this time the Jane Austen Fair. Not sure how appropriate it is going to be for a contemporary mystery author to have a booth at a Jane Austen event, but they want me because I'm a local author--and I definitely will be there.

Though I am going to take my two latest Rocky Bluff P.D. series books, mainly I'm taking the latest in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series.

I'll be giving away Deadly Omen, the first in the series, to anyone who purchases one of my books.

The fair is being held in the St. Paul Newman Center in Fresno from 9 to 5. Anyone in the area, do come and say "hello." A familiar face always is most welcome.

My books are packed, don't have to take a table or tent--making things easier. We're leaving on Friday because there is a period of time that afternoon we can set up which will make it easier in the a.m.

Now, what should I take to wear? Some folks will be in period costume, but I'm afraid that won't work with my books.

Hope to see you there.



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