Lingering Spirits Cover

This is the cover for my latest book, Lingering Spirit, a romance with a supernatural touch.

My publisher, Oak Tree Press, is planning to launch the book at the Public Safety Writer Association's conference in mid-June. You say that's kind of weird? Not so, two of the main characters are law enforcement officers.

After that I'll be taking off on a blog tour--don't know anything yet, just started making plans. If there's anyone out there who'd like to host me, just holler--well, an email might work better.

I'll also set-up a book launch in the area where I live, maybe two if I can figure out a place to do it in Springville. Perhaps the library up here, I'll see. And we have a new second hand bookstore in town that I know will host me.

Anyway, though I'll be in Omaha at Mayhem in the Midlands talking about my mysteries when this comes out, next on the agenda is Lingering Spirit.



Vicki Rocho said…
I've put this on my wish list!

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