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The first two books of mine that were published were historical family sagas based on my own family's genealogy. They were filled with romance. In fact, for awhile I really thought I might continue on and become a romance writer. I even belonged to Romance Writers of America for awhile, and the first organized writing group I joined was a romance writers group.

After that I wrote a mystery with a romance in it and a bit of the supernatural, called The Astral Gift. A lot of what happened to the main character as a child was what happened to someone I knew though the character was much different. And in the story, the character astral projected without having control over it. She was a day care center teacher and I based a lot of what happened to her at work on my own experience working in a day care center.

I based the love interest in that book on my son-in-law who was a police officer and a darling man. Besides being married to my daughter, he also became the father of three of my grandsons.

He was the police officer who told me stories and piqued my interest in writing about law enforcement. He worked for one department for fifteen years, then became a deputy sheriff in a different part of the state. After six months there, he was killed in the line of duty. What a tragedy! My daughter lost her husband, the boy lost their father, all of us lost a wonderful family member.

Lingering Spirit grew from that tragedy. The characters in the book are very different from their real-life inspirations, but I took a lot of what happened and fashioned a different story. I suppose writing that story became somewhat of a healing experience for me.

No, my daughter has never read the book--not sure any of my relatives have, probably not because it was and is only available as an e-book.

That will soon change. My publisher at Oak Tree Press put that book on Kindle and has always raved about how much she loved the story. Recently she asked if she could put it out as a trade paperback. Of course I said "yes."

It had been years since I'd even read the story, but when she sent me the proof pages to go over, when I started reading, I began to cry.

Now, I'm worried that it is too close to the real happening despite all the changes I made.

Time will tell.

My publisher is hoping to have the book done in time for the June PSWA conference. Once I know when it can be purchased, I'll let everyone know. If you have a Kindle, you won't have to wait, it's available now.



Your 'inspiration' for the books sounds fascinating. I'm sure the next will be a success, too.
Shalanna said…
It's wild . . . one of my novels has a heroine who stumbles onto astral projection and has to learn to control it! She's never really in danger until the climax of the story. That one is a fantasy novel.

Nice to run across your blog. How do you like being pubbed by Dark Oak Press? I had never heard of them until I heard about their contest, which I am thinking about entering (but there is a hefty entry fee, which gives me pause.)
Thanks for visiting Carole Anne.

Shalanna, that's interesting that you wrote about astral projection too. I had lots of fun writing The Astral Gift. I still have copies available on my website.

I'm very happy with Dark Oak Press which is a part of Oak Tree Press. I don't know anything about the contest except for many of the authors who have won and been published.

I've paid hefty entry fees for contests--just never this one.

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