Mother Daughter Luncheon

Saturday, our little church held a mother-daughter luncheon that not only was well-attended, the food delicious, but the program was spectacular.

Daughters served mothers, and served anyone else who needed to be served. Our M.C. kept things moving. We had a wonderful speaker and two terrific skits. A mother daughter duo who sang, and our preacher's wife sang. She happens to be my daughter, so I was proud.

My daughter from Oxnard came for the weekend so she could attend. And sitting across the table from me was my nearly seven-year old great-granddaughter. Also there was my granddaughter, Melissa, who put on a skit about the many hats mothers wear--hilarious. Those photos I plan to put up on Mother's Day. Her daughter, and another of my great-granddaughters who is 13 also attended and was in a skit her whole family put on.

Afterward, the men of the church came in and did all the clean-up, including the dishes. Who could ask for anything more?



What a lovely event, Marilyn! These kind of events belong on the news. What would our society be without mothers?
The photos are wonderful. Food, family, & entertainment ~ that's a spectacular day.
Wow - the men came in and cleaned up? Sounds more like a miracle occurred in that church!

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