Our Social Life

Usually our social life focuses on mystery or writing events and an occasional church social.

This is the weekend for something different, though it begins with a church event. We have a fellow who goes to our church who used to have a restaurant. He's now the head of the church's fellowship committee. Because of that we've had some great meals at very low cost and fun with people we know and love to be around.

This Saturday night is a steak and scampi dinner. Hubby is never too thrilled about having to go out, but this one he's looking forward to--and I am too.

Tomorrow we have the other kind of social event, a wine tasting party put on by a friend of ours. I'm particularly fond of this friend because she's one of the biggest fans of my books. I can always count on her to show up for any of my book launches. We have something else in common--we both watch General Hospital, the soap.

She and friends put on this event. Last year it was in her lovely backyard--this year it's going to be in a another venue, also outside, where they often have concerts and weddings.

Hubby has agreed to go, but I doubt I'll get him to stay very long. But at least we'll make a showing.

Years ago, we loved to go to parties and give them too--but that part of our life has passed into history.

What is your social life like?



Marty said…
Probably more dull than yours, but we do have several active grand-kids nearby to break the monotony . . .

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