Some of the Women in my Family

When we had our Mother Daughter Luncheon at church, we took a photo together.

From left to right:

Granddaughter, Melissa, the 2nd of my grandchildren. I actually was on hand when she was born, served as birth coach to her mom, Lisa, because her hubby was away in the Army. It was a wonderful experience. Melissa is married and has three children. Her son, is my oldest grandchild. I'm really proud of Melissa as she helps her husband with their pool cleaning business, volunteers for all sorts of things at her kids' school, and she's the co-youth leader with her husband at our church, among other jobs she does.

Daughter, Lisa, is my second child and the mother of two of my granddaughters. She's been a school bus driver among many other occupations, but now she's a pastor's wife. Anyone who has spent much time around a church knows the pastor's wife has many duties. Lisa has a wonderful voice and leads the praise team at church.

Lisa and Melissa live in Springville so I am able to see them often.

Daughter, Dana, is my eldest child and she still lives in Oxnard where we had our home for many years. She's the mother of my first grandchild, a son, and also a daughter. Dana retired recently from the Oxnard School District where she had many job titles. She and her husband do a lot of traveling in their motor home and fortunately one of the places them like to visit is here where we live.

And of course, the last person is me.

My youngest daughter is missing, she came up the weekend before.

I'm really proud of these girls as you can probably tell.



MissV said…
What a lovely family!
Mason Canyon said…
That's a great family photo. You all look so happy.

Thoughts in Progress
A lovely photograph, very envious!
We had a great time that weekend. Thanks for all your nice comments.


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