What About Movies?

We talked about the TV shows we liked, now what about the movies?

Hubby and I try to get to the movies two or three times a month. We call it our date night, though we usually go to the first movie of the day which is usually around noon, then we go to lunch somewhere.

I love to watch the previews of coming movies to kind of get a feel for them, to see if I really want to shell out the moola for the theater experience or wait and rent it from Netlix. Of course the 3D movies need to be seen in the theater. Avatar won't be the same on a smaller screen, though I really don't need the 3D. I think epic movies are more fun in a theater too, such as Robin Hood.

Speaking of Robin Hood, despite the fact it didn't get high ratings, we really enjoyed this new take on the old classic. The people looked more real as did the sets. Over the years we've noticed that some of the movies the critics didn't like turned out to be our favorites.

Some movies my husband isn't interested in at all, so I rent them and watch at home. Precious was one of these. Usually I don't like movies with a lot of language in them, and Precious has plenty, but it was an extremely well-done movie and certainly had a message. The actors deserved all the accolades they received.

Hubby will got to a romantic movie as long as I don't make him go to too many in a row. At home, watching on DVD, he might fall asleep in the middle. His favorites are action and war movies. I don't mind watching them if they aren't too full of blood and guts.

Horror movies used to be my favorites, but the ones they make these days are far too graphically bloody for my taste.

When I was a kid we went to the movies every Friday night--two features, newsreel, cartoon, and sometimes Keeno (a game where movie goers cold win a set of dishes).

So, what are your favorite movies?



Mason Canyon said…
We rarely ever go to the movies these days. Seems in no time the movie is on pay for view or DVD. The last movie I think we went to see was the 3rd Pirate movie with Johnny Depp. And you're right, horror movies now are just too sickening not scary.

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Holli said…
We hardly ever go to the movies either, and find it's easier to watch them on PPV, buy them, or rent them. We can send the kids upstairs to play or wait until they go to sleep and don't have to worry about a babysitter. Plus it ends up being so much cheaper so we can watch more movies.

I like all kinds of movies, anything that's well-written. I will watch thrillers, mysteries, comedies and tend to gravitate towards action, the more explosions and car chases the better, but it's difficult to find one of those that is actually well-written. I also like psychological dramas, romantic/bromantic comedies, sci-fi, pretty much anything
Hi, Mason, we watch lots of movies on DVD, but when I'm at the movie theater and watch previews, I always decide which ones can wait for DVD.

Holli, with kids, it's far too expensive to go to the movies nowadays. There's only hubby and me and even that's expensive.

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