An Afternoon to Remember Literary Tea

What a fun time I had attending this tea. There were 10 tables, each table decorated to represent a book or a series of books. I don't have my pictures ready yet, but will put them on the blog when I get them. The hostess of the table spoke about the book that she'd picked.

Here's a list of the books:

Absolute True Diary of the Part Time Indian

44 Scotland Road

Still Alice

Stones to School

The Twilight Saga

Everybody Needs a Rock

The Napping House

Marilyn Meredith's Tempe Crabtree series (my biggest fan did this table--and she even dressed up like Tempe, complete with a black wig and sheriff's badge.)

The Last Song

Team of Rivals

We sere served tea and the most elegant of foods between the times the hostesses for each table told about their book choice.

First we were served a Fruit and Cheese Platter.

Next came Special Tea Sandwiches: Shrimp on the Round, Smoked Turkey Circles, Pecan Chicken, Zesty Cucumber Flowers, Pimento Cheese on Rye, Strawberry Cream on Raisin. Each sandwich was bite size and daintily decorated.

And for desserts, again bite size and beautifully decorated: Orange Diamonds, Mini Puffs, Lemon Blossoms, Raspberry Fudgies, Ginger Whites, and Lemon Crumbles.

I saw many people I only bump into once in awhile, since I don't really hang out with the social set in town (these are the gals who do all the work, like the Apple Festival and the Concerts in the Park and much, much more, and I met other most lovely women.

It was a great afternoon, I'm so glad I went--and it was truly an afternoon to remember.



Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like it was great fun. The tea itself sounds nice, but to do each table as a book theme is such a neat idea. Looking forward to your photos.

Thoughts in Progress
Hi, Mason. This was a great afternoon. I seldom do things that are just for fun, so this was special.

abitosunshine said…
Sounds like a great afternoon tea! Reminds me I really do need to find a local book club or reading group of some sort in my area... thanks for the reminder, Marilyn!

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!

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