Agents and Editors Panel at PSWA

Those on the panel were from left to right:

Billie Johnson, Oak Tree Press
Lee Emory, Treble Heart Books
Verna Dreisbach, Driesbach Literary Agency
Holly Sullivan McClure, Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency

Pet Peeves about Queries.

Using Sir or Madam instead of the agent's or publisher's name or a misspelled name. Instant delete.

No bold, underlines, or fancy fonts in the query.

Be professional. Give a clear, concise description of your book, your self, and a good platform of how you plan to sell the book.

Manuscript well-written.

Authors need to read the guidelines and know what the agent or publisher is looking for, never ignore guidelines.

When you pitch your book and the publisher says yes, move on, don't keep talking.

The way you present yourself in person and in writing is important.

In your manuscript, take out passive verbs. Show instead of tell.

Know the core technology of writing.

It was a most enlightening panel.



Cheryl said…
This sounds like it was an amazing panel. Not sure how you had your agents panel set up, but at WriteAngels this fall, writers are encouraged to submit a sample of their writing. The agents choose from that pile, have it read aloud, and then offer comments.

There's also sit down pitch sessions. I really wish I had something ready, but by next year's conference I should have something in good shape.

Thanks for sharing about this conference.


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