Am I There Yet?

That's a question I'm sure many writers have asked themselves. And the question probably means something different to each individual.

People like Mary Higgins Clark certainly don't have to ask that question, the answer is obvious. She has a distinct following. Any new book of hers that comes out will be in every bookstore. I'm using her as an example because, like many male writers out there writing thrillers, her name is know to everyone who reads--even if they don't read her books.

Because I write mysteries, I also mainly read mysteries. Over the years I've become acquainted with many mystery writers and read a lot of their books. Some of the books I like better than others.

Having said all this, where do I think I stand? Certainly not at the top. If you go into a bookstore except for the one closest to where I live, you'll have to ask for my books to be ordered. When I attend a mystery con like Mayhem in the Midlands, there are some fans of mine there who always buy my latest books.

I'm no longer at the very bottom because I do have fans. Hopefully, now that my books are all on Kindle, I'm gaining a few more. I do a lot of promoting--that's what this blog is all about--and perhaps someone who reads it will actually go out and try one of my books.

Frankly, I know I'm a long way from the top. To answer my question of am I there yet, it all depends upon what that means. I have nearly 30 published books. I consider writing my profession which means I am a writer. Nearly all reviews of my books have been favorable and some glowing.

I know I won't stop writing until I can no longer sit in front of my computer and put words together.

Perhaps some people would think I'm not there yet--but as far as I'm concerned, I'm quite happy with what I've accomplished and what I hope to do in the future.



M.M. Gornell said…
Good post, Marilyn, made me think. (oh no!) I certainly enjoy reading your books, and having 30 books written and published is "There!!!" You seem to enjoy who you are, where you are, and what you're doing. Don't think a person can ask for anything more.

You are a role model for many, and certainly for me.

At first, "there" meant getting published. Period. Then I realized that was just the beginning. Now I think "there" is a matter of the next challenge. It's never settling, always pushing for the next character, the next story, the next deal. I am happy with my career, but not satisfied. I approach it with the attitude of "What's next? And how do I get there?"

Don't you love that our jobs require us to "research" by reading books by other writers? Reading someone wonderful always inspires me to set my goals a little higher.

Thanks for the blog.
Thank you, Madeline--you are one person I count as a fan and I thank you.

Bonnie, you've done wonderfully well and I think you have the answer, we're happy but not completely satisfied, always working toward that next goal.

Sun Singer said…
There's nothing better for a fan than hearing that their favorite writer isn't going to ever stop writing.

abitosunshine said…
BRAVO for you, Marilyn, you are "There!"

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!
Thank you, Malcolm and Ruthi, for taking the time to leave a comment.

Sunny Frazier said…
Am I "there" yet?

I'm more "there" than I thought I would be. Only two books published but I've made an impact on teaching others to market. I get to speak on panels. People read my blogs. I'm helping others start their careers.

Nobody needs to know but me whether I'm "there" or not.

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