And Another Graduation

My great granddaughter, Olivia, graduated from fifth grade. She doesn't live close enough for us to go down there often. Fortunately, her grandm (my daughter) and her grandpa did get to go.

Daughter told me that in this school district the kids graduate from 5th, because middle school is 6th through 9th.

This great-grandaughter is quite an athlete, already winning ribbons for her shot-putting and discus throwing. (Her older sister does as well.)

My grandson, their dad, was a discus thrower and shot-putter in high school, as was their aunt. It'll be interesting to see how far these girls go with this since they are starting so early.

Another milestone in our big, wonderful family.



Mason Canyon said…
It's amazing how quickly they grow up. I think it's fun for them to graduate from grade school to middle school. Sounds like Olivia may have an athletic scholarship in her future.

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