The Empowered Author

At the PSWA Conference, Agent Holly Sullivan McClure gave a presentation on The Empowered Author. Here are some of her key points:

Don't pay for anything, you are the talent.

Make sure you submit the best you possible can.

Have a business plan. Work on your plan and keep it up to date, because writing is a business.

How many of you authors out their have a real business plan?

I must confess, I don't have one.



Vicki Rocho said…
A business plan is a great idea! Help keep us focused.

Authors/talent don't pay? Do they know this down at my local convenience store or is that still considered theft? ;) LOL
Hi, Vicki, I don't think people realize how little money a writer gets out from the finished product, despite how much time it took to write the book. I spend more on promo than I make--probably why I don't have a business plan, don't really want to know the truth.

Sun Singer said…
If I actually knew what a business plan for a novelist looked like, I would create one.

Trouble is, the only novelists who are making money seem to be making it through old-style, old-media publicity campaigns from major publishers. If I had a $100,000 marketing budget like HarperCollins, I could plan how to apply it.

The reality is that every dollar I spend promoting a book is a dollar I don't actually have. Hard to plan controlled bankruptcy.


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