First Day of PSWA Conference and Launch of New Book

Today is the first day of the conference--and also the day I'll get to see my new book, Lingering Spirit for the first time. My publisher, Billie Johnson, had my copies of my book and several other authors' books shipped to the hotel. If all went as planned, they should be here to display on the book store tables. I've ordered enough to bring home with me so I'll have books for reviewers and for my own book launch.

We have wonderful panels and speakers lined up for this first day. A panel telling us what they'd wished they'd known from the beginning, with Sue McGinty, moderating and Michael Black, W. S. Gager, and Bette and J. J. Lamb as panelists.

Michael A. Black will tell us how to Outline a Novel in an Hour.

For those who write for trade publications paper and on the net, Keith Bettinger is moderating, Michelle Perrin, Kathleen A. Ryan and Ed Nowicki.

At our first lunch we'll introduce ourselves.

First panel after lunch will consist of Billie Johnson of Oak Tree Press moderating Becca Buckley, RJB Publishing, Lee Emory of Treble Heart Books, Verna Dreisbach of the Dreisbach Literary Agency and Holly Sullivan McClure of the Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency letting us know how to please editors and agents and what the worse mistakes are.

Steve Scarborough will tell us about Detectives Then and Now.

Our promotion panel will be moderated by Madeline Gornell and consist of Sunny Frazier, Michael Orenduff, Morgan St. James and myself.

FBI Agent, Mark Bouton will tell us How to Spot a Lie.

At the end, there will be book signings and one on ones.

That's quite a busy day. I have time-keepers to keep us on track.

Now, I'm one again praying that all goes as it should. One year I had to switch everything around because one of my speakers came in a day late.

If I have anything like that happen, I'll write it in the comments.

I'm hoping to go out for a delicious dinner with delightful companions.

More later.



Congrats on the new book ~ it looks beautiful! I'm having a great time at the conference, you've done a wonderful job, as usual!
BillieJohn said…
This has been such a fabulous time...I am totally exhausted but so happy! Wow, did I get a lot of new material for consideration ...future books at OTP.

The best part is seeing PSWA friends...this is my fifth annual!
M.M. Gornell said…
The conference is over, I'm back home, but reading about the first day brings it all back and I can enjoy again! What a great conference--not just because of all the information, but especially because of all the generous authors. Great time and Great job, Marilyn (and Marilyn!)


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