Gearing Up for Lingering Spirit Blog Tour

Beginning July 6th I'm starting a blog tour for my latest book, Lingering Spirit.

Not too long ago, I began receiving the requests for essays about various writing subjects and answers to interview questions for this tour. Though it takes some time to do these, they are a lot of fun.

With a blog tour, each blog appears on a different day throughout the month. Then it's up to me to promote the places I'm appearing each day. While I'm on a particular blog, it is helpful if I go to the blog several times during the day just in case someone left a comment or question for me to answer.

I hope when people read Lingering Spirit the have the same reaction as Beth Anderson who said "Lingering Spirit, which I just finished reading...that book made me cry four times, an incredibly hard thing for any book to do. It's just beautiful, Marilyn. It should be a runaway bestseller. You REALLY can tell a story!"

You can order Lingering Spirit from Amazon, of course, but if you'd like an autographed copy, go to my website:



Vicki Rocho said…
Good luck with your tour! It's on my list....
Mason Canyon said…
Looking forward to hosting you on your tour.

Thoughts in Progress
Thanks, Vicki.

Mason, I'm looking forward to visiting you again.

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