Graduation and Heartache

Graduations should be a wonderful time, a time of saying goodbye and new beginnings.

Unfortunately, this year, Porterville High School's graduation had a sad element. One of their graduates, a football player, and a young man who lived up in the foothill community where I live, chose to go to a party, a party where there was drinking, and on the way home, with his brother driving, they went off the road and hit a tree. The boy who was to graduate died and one of his friends is in the hospital. The brother is in jail. No one was wearing seat belts.

My heart goes out to the families. The mom of the dead boy was in the front row at the graduation. In his empty chair was his cap and gown and his football Jersey.

So sad. I hope it made the other graduates think and choose a non-drinking venue for celebration.

Unfortunately, we hear about similar accidents at graduation time every year.

Young people think they are invincible. They are not.

My heart and prayers go out to everyone who has been touched by this needless tragedy--family and friend. And I include the brother who was driving, his life has been changed forever.



Mason Canyon said…
Such a sad tragedy. You're right, they think they are invincible. So many people touched by that one single mistake. My heart goes out to them all.

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Jacqueline Vick said…
I was the one high school grad who always got to keep her keys at parties. I went to one unsupervised party junior year and saw what fools everyone looked like. Maybe sober students should be required to view their friends drunk (in a controlled environment) so they can see that drinking does not make you more clever, attractive, etc.

We had a death that same year, but it didn't stop the driver from drinking again. Kids that age think they are invincible.

My heart and prayers go out to the family.

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