Great-Grandson's Challenge

I talked about my great-grandson's graduation from the eighth grade a bit. However, there is more. He and another boy are the shortest in the class. In August, they'll be headed to high school.

Being short has not been a detriment to my grandson--he's the short boy on the right in the photo with the hair hanging in his eyes--he was elected student body president for his last year at the school.

I asked him if he was going out for any sports, as he's always been a good athlete. His answer, "Baseball and Basketball." He is a great baseball and basketball player but wondered about him making the team because of his height.

His answer was, "The coach knows how good a player I am, he's seen me play."

What my hope is that he'll go through one of those growth spurts this summer.

The kid has plenty of self-esteem, being short has never held him back. It may be a bit tougher in high school--but I think he's up to the challenge.

The heads in the forefront of the photo and his mom's and dad's.



Vicki Rocho said…
It is harder for guys who are shorter, but it sounds like he's well adjusted and not letting it stop him. I'm sure he'll be fine!

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