How to Plot a Novel in an Hour

In the photo, mystery novelist and real-life police officer, is receiving a certificate for his latest mystery from contest chair Michelle Perin.

Mike also did a great demonstration on how to create your plot by using a large poster board and lots of post-it notes. He also suggested using divisions that are defined as the main plot, minor plot, Act I, II and III with three scenes in each one.

Another bit of advice was to write down each scene as it comes to you. And of course, the reason for using post-it notes is so you can move them around.

His presentation was far more skillful then how I'm relating it here, but it certainly was a good idea and much easier to do than an outline.

A confession--this is a much better organized way to write a book than how I do it.

This was Mike's second year at the PSWA conference.



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