Isn't She a Cutie?

This is my youngest great grandchild, Jaslyn, named for her daddy, Jason.

The photo was taken at her cousin's graduation from 8th grade. We all had to sit on hard chairs outside facing the grassy area where the graduation took place. The deal is because the audience is facing west, the graduation does not begin until the sun goes down behind the hill. That's the way it's been for every graduation I've been to at our little school, beginning with my niece's graduation.

After that we went one year to a grandson's, and the next to his brother's graduation. Both boys lived with us at the time, and what a relief it was to see them receive their diplomas. (Both boys are grown now--and yes, got their high school diplomas and live on their own.)

Next came our granddaughter, who also lived with us during the week so she could go to that school. Her family later moved next door to us, so we went to her soccer games in high school and celebrated her high school graduation. She's now employed in a day care.

After that, we watched our first great-grandson graduate, the older brother of the latest graduate from Springville School.

Next will come a granddaughter--a great-granddaughter is attending that school now and perhaps well be around to see her graduate.

The sweetheart in the photo doesn't live nearby. Her mom came down to see her nephew graduate--and visit all the rest of us.

Had to share, that's such a cute photo.



Thank you, Mason. This was not supposed to show up until Thursday, but couldn't get it to change. I love the photo though.

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