Mayhem in the Midlands Brief Report

Though I've gone to many mystery cons over the years, there is something very special about Mayhem in the Midlands. Perhaps it's because of the volunteer crew who works so hard to put this event together year after year. The setting, as in mysteries, is also important. Staying in a hotel that offers a complimentary breakfast which includes made-to-order omelets and is at the foot of the Old Marketplace doesn't hurt.

Omaha's airport is one of the easiest to find your way in and out of--also a plus.
After a quick phone call the hotel sends its shuttle to pick up anyone needing a ride from the airport to the hotel.

After we'd settled ourselves into our room, our good friend, Pat Lange, who lives in Omaha, picked us up and took us out to dinner far from the hotel. We had a great time catching up with her.

That really is one of the big pluses of Mayhem, this was our ninth year and we were thrilled to see friends we only see once a year--makes for lots of hugs. Some of these people are writers and some are readers.

Radine and John Nehring are a couple we always look forward to seeing again. Radine arranged an author conversation with the two of us and Nancy Pickard that was great fun. We sat and talked about writing, while the audience listened in.

Mother and daughter, Benay and Sarah Weiss are another of our favorites. Sarah is so bubbly and full of fun, she makes us feel young just hanging out with her--though no way can we keep up.

Lance Zarimba can always be counted on for good conversation. Pat Dennis kept us in stitches. Though we'd met Marilyn Victor previously, this year we got to know her much better.

It's always great to see Kent Krueger, one of the best writers I know and a most gracious person.

Met Sue Senden who thanks to Facebook I felt like I already knew.

Mike Black, who I met at our PSWA conference was there with his delightful lady friend, and I met Mark Bouton, FBI agent who will be speaking at the PSWA conference in June.

Of course there were many, many more folks I got to see again and others I met for the first time.

Mayhem is as much about people as it is about mysteries. You can always count on good conversations, people to bravely try new restaurants with you, someone to chat with whether it's at breakfast or sitting around in the lobby.

My husband has as much fun at Mayhem as I do.

Someone asked how long we would keep going to Mayhem. My answer, "As long as we're able."



M.M. Gornell said…
Sounds like a fun conference, Marilyn! Maybe next year--(I just hate to fly!)
Madeline, I don't mind flying, what I mind is waiting around in the airports.
Just realized, this was out 10th year to attend.

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