A Sad Happening

During Sunday School yesterday, a deputy sheriff called the church to report that one of our members had been found dead in her duplex apartment. What a shock! This woman was in her late forties. Yes, she had all sorts of ailments, including being a tad developmentally disabled--but no one had diagnosed her with a fatal disease. She had a difficult life and the church helped her out a lot with food, sometimes rent, and rides to church and special events. Different ones had taken her to the doctor and emergency room at various times. So she really was a big part of the church family.

The deputy came to church to ask our pastor if he knew of family contacts for this woman. The pastor sent him to her best friend who lived down the road in a senior and low income complex. During church, pastor was called out to speak to the deputy once again. When he went to the friend's apartment, he found her dead too.

Certainly sounds like too big of a coincidence, doesn't it? As a mystery writer--and I'm not the only who thought this--it make one wonder.

The deputy doesn't believe there is any connection between the two. The first woman had been dead for perhaps 16 hours, the friend only a couple. (The deputies in our county are also coroners.)

Truly, I do not think there was any foul play involved. I know that autopsies will be done, whether or not any of us will find out what the cause of death in either case was is doubtful.

Yesterday we had a potluck after church, something our deceased member loved. And those of us who knew her well commented on the fact that it was strange not to have her there.

Our church will have a memorial service for our church member. The empty place in the pew where she always sat will always be a reminder--until someone comes along to fill it.

As a Christian, I have no doubt that this woman is now in a far better place and her pain and suffering is over.



Mason Canyon said…
It is a sad situation and that both she and her friend died so closely together in separate places is unusual. Does make one wonder.

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