Second Day of PSWA Conference

After reading all the good stuff we had yesterday, I bet you wish you'd signed up for the PSWA Conference.

This is Saturday, day 2.

By this time people should be feeling comfortable and making friends.

Kregg Jorgensen is going to tell how to target articles to particular magazines.

A fun panel follows where the participants, Michael Angley, Joseph B. Haggerty Sr., Holli Castillo, and John M. Wills will discuss how much truth is too much in fiction. We already have a change here, as our moderator became to ill to come so I'm stepping in.

Michael and Lai Orenduff are going to show us a good cover is worth a thousand words.

After lunch, our keynote speaker, Simon Wood is going to let us in on how to create suspense. Simon writes wonderful books, so this should be great.

Spooky Stuff, Supernatural touches follows with a panel of writers who put all that in their books, Michael Angley, Monti Sikes, and Beverly Lauderdale and I'll be adding my two cents worth as the moderator.

Literary Agent, Holly Sullivan McClure will follow giving all the authors some tips to empower us.

And our last panel of the day is What's the Difference Between a Mystery and a Thriller? Mysti Berry will find out from Bette and J. J. Lamb, Simon Wood, and John M. Wills.

At the end of the day, more book signings and one on ones.

If things didn't go as planned or they were absolutely wonderful, I'll say so in my comments at the end of the day.

Of course I'll be looking forward to a great meal with wonderful people.



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