My sis, Margie, is five years younger than I am. While we were growing up, she was more of a pest than a friend. She was messy, I was not. (I'm messier now than she is.)
We shared a room at times, so the messiness was a problem.

She liked to search for my diary and read it--sometimes spilling the beans to people I had crushes on.

As time went on, the age difference didn't matter much. We both got married young and began having children right away.

I had two kids and thought I was through. Then sis got pregnant, and a couple of months later so did I. A few years later same thing happened. And again. She never told me, I didn't do it on purpose. In fact I never planned to have five children.

She stopped giving birth at 3--but adopted a wonderful baby girl who is all grown up and has two children of her own.

We didn't live near one another until after we moved to Springville (where we live now) and she moved here too as did her children. We had a great time doing things together. But, one by one, her kids moved to Vegas and she soon followed.

We do communicate a lot, phone calls, email, Facebook, but seeing her not so much.

Today, when this post comes out, I'll be in Las Vegas and spending one night and the morning with my sis and brother-in-law. Hoperfully, I'll get to see some of her kids too.

I can tell my sis anything and she can do the same with me. Stuff we wouldn't admit to another living soul.

We will see each other again before I leave Las Vegas, and again at our family reunion in September and we're all going on a week long mystery cruise in November. I'm happy I'll be with my sis for that much time.

Marilyn (who is writing this in Springville but will be on the way to Las Vegas when it comes out--God willing and the creek don't rise--as my husband says.)

PS The day before I left Murphy's Law set in. We had another cancellation from a member who was also on a panel.

Then I learned that A.J. and Nancy Farrar, PSWA board members and very important parts of the conference will not be able to come because of a medical problem A. J. is having. A.J. always M.C.s the conference and Nancy, our treasurer, is the most able book seller. Substitutes have stepped up to do their duties, thank goodness, but they will certainly be missed, having been a major part of the all the previous conferences.


Mason Canyon said…
Hopefully that will be all of the mishaps and everything else will go well. Enjoy your time with your sister. She sounds like a lot of fun.

Thoughts in Progress
Hi, Mason, I'm hoping the worst is over. Now if we could just get underway.

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