Vacations or Work, What Do You Think?

This photo was taken at Mayhem by Carl Brookins, fellow mystery author and terrific photographer. I was sitting at the signing table after being on a panel waiting and hoping for someone to purchase my book and come ask for a signature. The photo looks just like me--and an awful lot like my mom, though she never dyed her hair and by the time she was my age, it was snow white.

My grandson who lives with us refers to our trips away from home as vacations. Indignant, I told him they weren't vacations, they were work. He said, "Then why do you talk about all the great meals and the fun people you spent time with?"

Good question, so I suppose I should call what we're doing working vacations, though some are more work than others.

At Mayhem, I was on three panels and moderated another. As soon as I knew who I was going to be on panels with I ordered books by the authors I'd never read--and read the books so I'd be knowledgeable sounding on the panels. (I think I was the only one who did that.) Though I did have a great time, I did have to use my brain to sound halfway intelligent while answering or asking questions.

Next up is an appearance at the Springville library from 11 to 3 on the 10th. I'll have to decide which books to take then heft them up to the library and be engaging while visiting with anyone who might stop by.

We next will be heading for Las Vegas, first stop to see my sister, fun. The following four days will be spent at the Public Safety Writers conference where I'm the program chairperson and also headed up the pre-registration. Though I know I'll have fun, this one is definitely work.

On the Fourth of July, I'll have a booth at the holiday celebration at Channel Islands Harbor for most of the day and until 8 p.m. Definitely work--putting up the tent, selling books, taking down the tent. We'll be staying at one of our daughter's homes before and after. Fun.

The last day of the month, we'll be at the Roseville Library. It's near Sacramento which means quite a drive. We've never been to this particular venue before, but again, we'll be selling books. Work. Meeting new people. Fun.

That's enough to give you the idea. So am I working or having fun?



Mason Canyon said…
I'd say you're working at something that you enjoy so you get to have fun along the way. Good luck on your upcoming stops.

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Lena Austin said…
When you love what you do, it's rarely work. This is the best darn retirement I never thought I'd have, being a writer.
Sandra Parshall said…
It's definitely work, Marilyn, but fortunately it's work you enjoy. Writers need these breaks after all the solitary hours at the computer.
BrennaLyons said…
I don't know about you, but conventions are WORK for me. Yes, I get to talk to people and eat a meal (except at RT), but the fact is, the convention itself is non-stop, and the three weeks before one is almost as bad. It's so much work that I usually get sick at or just before leaving for a convention, because I'm run down. I average about 4 or 5 hours a sleep per night at conventions, and it's not because I'm partying. It's because I am working my backside off while I'm there. I'm up doing updates, email, and even edits until 2 am and then up again at 6 or before, having breakfast and prepping for the classes I have to teach that day.

Sunny Frazier said…
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Sunny Frazier said…
It's work. I feel like I'm always "on" and required to say something interesting all the time. I'm studying other authors, noting the up-and-coming. I collect info for my Murder Circle. I'm networking, collecting business cards. I don't leave the hotel, try to eat healthy and get to bed at a decent time (although I stay up talking late to my roommate). My brain is going 100 mph.

Now that I've donned the hat of acquisitions editor for Oak Tree, I can only imagine it will get more intense. And I NEVER bring a laptop--I don't want any pesky emails or work while I'm away from home. THAT'S my vacation!
Moon_Pie said…
hey you were working! You were learning a lot also networking. That is 'work' in my dictionary!
M.M. Gornell said…
For me the question is am I enjoying what I'm doing. That's all that counts. What I call it, work or vacation? Can't decide. Work, vacation, retirement are all sort of "weird" words to me. They never quite fit whatever I'm doing...
Marian Allen said…
Cons and book fairs and signings are work--hard work. The fact that they're also fun doesn't make them any less work. Writing is also fun, but also work.briti
I think it's a labor of love. You're doing what you love, it's work, but it has many wonderful moments, too. I want to know where you get your energy from! What's your secret, Marilyn?
Thank you all for your great comments. Mason, I feel like I know you, you're so great about visiting my blog. Lena and Sandra, I totally agree with you.

And Brenna and Sunny, yes, it is work too.

An Kathleen, I've always been driven by wanting to accomplish something everyday--I suppose that's as close to a secret as I know.

Hi Marilyn,

That's a great goal ~ to accomplish something everyday. Wonderful advice!

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