A Wonderful Surprise

We had a wonderful surprise at the PSWA conference. Keith Bettinger called Hap and me up and his first words were, "Everyone knows Marilyn loves cops." After that I'm not sure what he said, but it was something to the effect that he was presenting us with a plaque to honor our son-in-law, Michael Cole, who died in the line of duty. On the plaque is a medal and a rubbing of his name from the Police Memorial in Washington DC.

My eyes filled with tear and I doubt anything I said was coherent. The plaque is gorgeous and he gave us another for our daughter and three rubbings of Mike's name for their sons. Hap had to run to the restroom afterward to wipe his eyes. Not only was this a surprise, it was a wonderful tribute to our son-in-law. Thank you, PSWA.

Anyone who has been reading my blogs or has heard me speak, knows that Mike was an inspiration for much of my writing. We'd known lots of police officers since we lived in a neighborhood full of them, but Mike is the one who took me on a ride-along and came to my house every morning after his shift and told me everything he'd done while I plied him with coffee.

Unfortunately, we didn't have him long enough. He died in the line of duty, leaving behind his wife and three young sons--our daughter and grandsons. About twenty-years have passed. The boys are all grown, and my daughter has remarried another great guy and they have a teen-aged daughter. Life does move on.

I wrote Lingering Spirit a few years later. It is a work of fiction, the woman in the story is not my daughter nor did what happens in the book happen to her, though of course I was inspired by a lot of what did happen, but I can assure you though there are some parallels in the beginning of the story, fiction and my imagination take over for the main body of the story and the ending.

For those of you who read Lingering Spirit
I hope you enjoy it and will take the time to write a review on Amazon.



Mason Canyon said…
That was a nice surprise and a moving tribute.

Thoughts in Progress
Vicki Rocho said…
Awww, got a little misty eyed over here myself.
Thanks, Mason, we were shocked. Mike has been gone for many years, but he was like a son to us.

And Vicki, you have no idea how much this touched us.
Monti said…

I'm half way through Lingering Spirit and plan to post a review on Amazon when I'm finished.

Wishing you a fulfilling blog tour for your new book.

Joe Haggerty said…
I've been to the Police Memorial many times and I go every year during Police Week in May. I was fortunate to be at the dedication of the memorial and shed few tears that day.
I have held the hands of police officers from across the country who came to honor their fallen heroes during the candlelight vigils. I have a few friends on the wall myself.
If you haven't been to the memorial I would urge you to visit. It is a solemn place, but a place of honor and respect. Rest assured Mike is among friends.

God Bless
It was a touching moment, and I'm so glad I was there to witness it. We never forget our loved ones who pass away. I believe they stay with us ~ just like the title of your book suggests ~ a lingering spirit.
How special for your daughter & sons, too, to receive that kind of gift.
Mike has managed to live on through his children and your writing. His influence stayed with you. He has not been forgotten!
M.M. Gornell said…
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M.M. Gornell said…
I teared up again reading your blog and the comments. It was a special moment.

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