Booksigning at Willow Bridge Bookstore

Last Saturday, hubby and I headed to Oakhurst which is about a three hour drive from out house. We have to drive down from the foothills, get out on the 99 freeway (always exciting, especially when a big truck decides to tailgate you going over 70 miles an hour), through Fresno and up 41 into the mountains on a good but winding road.

Oakhurst is really a thriving city and has everything anyone could want--unlike Springville where we live--including a movie theater, all sorts of restaurants, medical care, two big grocery stores with shopping centers, and best of all, a book store. (I might add that Oakhurst is the gateway to Yosemite National Park which brings in many tourists.)

Willow Bridge Bookstore is now in its second location, on Hwy 49 in the Von's Shopping Center. It's everything you hope for in a small, independent bookstore, starting with a pleasant owner who loves having book events.

When we first arrived in Oakhurst, we met good friend and fellow author, Sunny, and her husband Bob, for lunch in a great sandwich shop on the highway, called Grinders. (They also grind their own coffee.)

At the bookstore itself, I was delighted to welcome Virgina Pilegard of children book fame, a friend from Facebook who is now a real live friend, a new acquaintance named Diane, and one of my first cousins' granddaughter, Heidi, who I also follow on Facebook. She came a long way to see me.

What I talked about at first was how and why the book Lingering Spirit came about. From there I answered lots of questions about writing in general, mystery writing specifically, and all the promotion that needs to be done.

Though it was a small group, books were bought which I gladly autographed.

I must say, I had a great time. I'll be returning to the bookstore next month to speak to writers about working with small presses.



Vanessa said…
I wanted to tell you for the first book of yours I have ever read Lingering Spirit I thought it was fantastic~! I hope I can review for you again I had so much fun reading your book.
Thank you, Vanessa, that's so sweet.

Heidi said…
It was great fun to see you, and loved your talk and the candid answers you gave to our questions. I'm hoping to make it up to see you again next month. ;) Also, I've cracked open Lingering Spirit, and I have a feeling this is going to be my new favorite book of yours ... besides Two Ways West, of course.

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