Dreams and the Movie Inception

Hubby and I went to see Inception the other day. Our eldest daughter had emailed us that it was a good movie but to be sure and pay attention in the beginning or we wouldn't understand the end.

There was a lot going on, but at times it seemed slow. Hubby fell asleep several times. I tried to nod off but forced myself to stay awake. The pace picked up and became action packed--hubby stayed awake through all that. It's definitely a movie of many layers--maybe too many. Though, I will say this, it's the kind of movie you think about afterwards. That says a lot for this movie, because often times I can't even remember what a movie was about.

I couldn't begin to give a synopsis of the movie except that it was about tampering with people's dreams.

I've always had an active dream life. Sometimes I can remember what I dream about, but sometimes not. The most vivid dreams are those I have just before I wake up in the morning--and they usually involve trying to find a bathroom.

What I do remember about a lot of my dreams is I usually am not living in the house I live in now. I can only remember dreaming about this home once, and it was far different than it is now--and I was involved somehow with a militia group. (I was writing about one at the time.)

I've dreamed about the house I grew up in many, many times--but I'm not a child--I'm myself, living in the house, sometimes with my husband sometimes not.

But when it comes to where I'm living, I most often dream about the house we lived in during the 20 plus years we were in Oxnard. We remodeled that house several times. First we added on a screened patio. Then we tore it down and built a 20 X 20 family room, and then later added on another screened-in patio. When I dream, it's always the house with the first screened-in patio.

Oxnard itself is nothing like it really was at that time. In dreams I often get lost because the houses are are all huge but in disrepair and I can never seem to get to where I want to go.

I've had lots of other weird dreams, but that's what I remember most.

Frankly, I don't want anyone messing around with my dreams like they do in Inception.



M.M. Gornell said…
I dream about living in a house where I've never lived. Some kind of goofy composite maybe? Wish I could remember more when I wake up.
Dreams are fascinating, wish I could remember more than I do.

hanum said…
cool action movie ^^. Like this!

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