Eclipse and What Writers Can Learn From It

Hubby reluctantly trotted along with me to see Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight series. He didn't fall asleep, though I don't think it was his favorite movie.

I enjoyed it, like I did the first one--a pure fantasy, but it had all the elements that we need to put in any book we write.

One of the things both movies did super well was the setting and the atmosphere. Who wouldn't expect vampires and super wolves to live in a place where rain drips from the trees in the forest and mystical mist floats all around.

And what great characters. No wonder the female populations is swooning over Jacob with his muscular torso and unrequited love for Bella, the heroine. And Bella, a sweet girl who looks like a normal girl-next-door type--certainly not a diva with her scrubbed fresh face look and a wardrobe that seems to consist mostly of hoodies and blue jeans. And of course, there's Edward. Despite his pallor that suggests he might be suffering from a deadly disease, he has a strong profile, the most penetrating gaze, and a love and devotion for Bella that transcends the fact that he's a vampire. The sexual tension is thick as molasses. Of course this triangle is what holds the plot together.

Never fear, there is plenty of action too when the bad vampires--yes, there are bad ones as opposed to the good vampires--attack and the wolves must join with their enemies.

Of course I've over-simplified, but this saga contains everything that makes a compelling story.

And yes, I enjoyed it and will definitely go see the next one.

Marilyn, who loves movies.


Vicki Rocho said…
I haven't seen the current installment yet. I read the books with daughterling, they were fun enough reads, but I am not one of the swooning masses. I'll let the rest of the world fight over Edward and Jacob. LOL
Ooops, this is the third installment of the movie series. (That shows you how important that all is to me.)

One thing I must say though, the young man who plays Edward has a great profile.

Thanks for stopping by, Vicki.


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