Evaluating Book Promotion

That seems like all I've been doing this month.

Doing a blog tour like I am, I'm spending a lot of time promoting the blogs I'm on each day. First thing in the morning, I go online and check the blog myself. I didn't do that at first, and sometimes the blogs haven't been posted yet. No sense in promoting it, if your particular blog has made it yet.

Once I know the blog is up I let all my social networks know often using Ping.fm but with extra reminders to my Facebook friends.

I always like to leave a thank you to the blog host as a comment. Through the day, I drop back to see if anyone has commented or asked a question I should answer. With this particular tour because of the contest I'm running, I am keeping track of everyone who comments and how many blogs they comment on.

Because I'm also doing in person events, as each one comes up I need to promote those too--on face book and anywhere I that I know people are who live near the area of the event.

When those events draw near, I have to decide what I need to take depending upon the event. Sometimes only copies of Lingering Spirit need to be packed. Other times I take copies of my other books if the venue is going to be large with a lot of people

I'm doing bookstore events and a book festival this month.

When I'm doing an in-person event it's easy to see how well my promotion paid off.

Not as easy to evaluate a blog tour, but the one I'm on for Lingering Spirit has resulted in low numbers on Amazon (that's a good thing) and for one day the book was in the top 100 best sellers. I've never had that happen before. So, I'd say this book tour has indeed been worth my time and effort.

What kind of book promotion has worked best for you?


BillieJohn said…
After 12 years and almost a hundred titles in print, I think the kind of promotion that works best is the kind that the author is happy doing, with the caveat that he/she actually DOES something.

Only a very few authors have achieved the status that all they need is a new book and sales are off to the races, so that old saying, "don't hide your light under a bushel" really applies.

But to specifics, I think the peer reviews on Amazon are very effective (and so does Amazon!) and also reviews on blogs and other sites. It doesn't have to be the NY Times to have impact.

In collateral material, I think bookmarks, tried and true, remain the best hand out going. Lots of items can carry your message, but the bookmark is a useful and handy item, and it connects the promo piece with the act of reading. I'm not sure a coffee mug has the same impact...and definitely not the same cost/benefit ratio.

Keep in mind that marketing experts now claim that you need to express your product ID (book title for us) ten times before it "registers" in the mind of the potential buyer.

Billie Johnson
Hi, Billy,

I like business cards better than bookmarks--mainly because I carry such a small purse and business cards fit better.

And you are absolutely right, do what you like to do best--but do something.
Monti said…

You certainly did something right if you hit the top 100 bestsellers. That's wonderful. Congratulations!!!

Monti, it only lasted for a day. But I don't think it necessarily really reflects sales. We'll see. And since they're selling Lingering Spirit for so cheap, it won't amount to much. Still it was exciting.
jenny milchman said…
Billie, thanks for that expert's perspective, and Marilyn, thanks for a great blog topic. Best of luck with your promo! Please come by my site if you think you might like to appear--I'd love to have you!

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