General Hospital, the soap opera

I've admitted that my husband and I both watch General Hospital every afternoon that we're home. It's kind of our rest period--and I say that because we both tend to fall asleep.

But while we're not sleeping we're often laughing or saying something like, "Oh, sure that would happen."

For instance, they had a scene once, where the very sexy Samantha went into the police station, flirted with an officer at the front desk and stole a gun that was evidence in an important case. Never happen.

A couple of days ago, Carly, the mother of three children--whom she seldom spends anytime with, in fact the youngest boy seems to have disappeared and no one has noticed--spoke about her son Michael's ankle monitor. I had no idea he had one--and if he had he'd be back in jail, because this young man goes everywhere, including on a boat ride with his step-father, mother and kids.

When people are in jail everyone gets to go in and see them and spend private time with them--amazing.

The main character, who I think is great--is a gangster, everyone knows he's a gangster, and he gets away with murder--all the time. Everyone falls in love with him, including a federal prosecuter--at least she's headed that way. We know that she really would like to have a baby, and Sonny, the gangster, would certainly be the one to give one to her since he's fathered half the kids in town.

When it comes to babies, often the mom's aren't quite sure who the father might be because of having more than one affair at a time. If DNA is taken to prove who the baby belongs to, someone is likely to tamper with the results--which of course results in more complications.

The hospital scenes are also amusing. When someone is in ICU even strangers manage to go visit. I'd hate to be in General Hospital, there is absolutely no privacy for patients no matter how sick they are--and I'm not talking about hospital staff--I'm talking about all the ordinary (well not so ordinary since they are often gangsters of one sort or another) people who pop in and out of supposedly ill and dying patients' rooms. One thing though, even when you're dying your makeup and hair will be perfect.

Despite all this, the soap is fun to watch. They come up with the most convoluted plots, sometimes just to give a star a long vacation--Luke Spencer disappears for months at a time.

Anyway, I'll probably keep on watching just to see what the writers are going to think up next--or how they'll get the characters out of the complicated messes they are in.



Marjorie said…
I enjoy GH as well, there is always something going on.
I cannot wait to see what will
happen with Sonny and his new
lawyer friend.
I enjoyed your review.
Thanks, Marjorie--I've watched General Hospital since way back before Luke and Laura's spectacular wedding.


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