Happy Fourth of July

When we celebrate the Fourth of July we should remember how fortunate we are to live in the U.S.A.

So many lives have been sacrificed over the years to keep our nation free. My husband served three tours in Vietnam so I feel like I did a bit of sacrificing myself--and there are lots of families still sacrificing.

No matter what your politics might be, today is one day you should forget about whether you are on the left or the right and just be proud that you are American.

Happy Fourth of July to you all!



Mason Canyon said…
We do need to remember what has been given for our freedom. Hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Fourth of July.

Thoughts in Progress
M.M. Gornell said…

R J Haig said…
We sang God Bless America in church today. It moved me to tears. Yes we are lucky to be Americans.
Thanks, Mason, Madeline, and Bob.

Certainly the Fourth of July should always make us think about our freedom.

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