Juggling Writing, Promotion and Life

This juggling business seems to get harder and harder.

Though I know exactly how the book I'm writing know is going to go, I can't seem to find big enough blocks of time to really get much written--it's been two or three pages at a time.

What's interfering? This month, the blog tour I'm on is one biggie. Because when you're jumping from blog to blog, if you want your tour to be successful, you need to visit each blog the day you're there, add a comment, check comments to see if anyone has asked a question your should answer, and because I'm running a contest on how many people comment on every blog, I need to keep track of names.

Also, I have some physical events that I need to publicize to at least try, if not ensure, that people will come.

Next will be the physical launch for Lingering Spirit on Saturday, July 17 from 1-4 at Books Off Main (the store is on Oak Street, right off of Main St.)in Porterville CA. I've put it on Facebook and will be sending out invitations and I've let my mailing list know.

The following weekend, I'll be at Willow Bridge Bookstore in the Von's shopping center on 49 in Oakhurst, July 24th at 2 p.m.. I love that bookstore. I plan to tell what inspired my writing a romance with spiritual overtones. Again, I've been promoting already and will keep on doing so.

And the last weekend of the month, we're traveling to Roseville (outskirts of Sacramento) for a multi-author event at the Maidu Library, 1550 Maidu Dr., in Roseville from 10 to 5. I don't know a whole lot about this event yet except that I'm invited. I'll be promoting more as I receive some details. August is just about the same with nearly every weekend an event away from home.

Every day I think I'm going to have some quality time to write, but something always seems to come up.



Jean Henry Mead said…
I don't know how you manage all that you do, Marilyn. I had one blog tour and decided thatI didn't have time to do another, just sporadic guest blogging at various sites. You're quite a role model. :)

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