Me and My Booth and New Banner

Hubby and I celebrated the Fourth of July at Channel Islands Harbor, sitting in my booth and selling my books. Having this kind of booth means putting up a tent, bringing a table, chairs, and of course, my books.

We were fortunate this year, because daughter Lori and her hubby Rick, not only helped up put up our tent but take it down as well--and they sat and kept up company all afternoon long.

An wonderful addition to my booth was a new banner that my publisher, Oak Tree Press, contributed to the cause. It really made people pause and take a second look.

We like to do events in Ventura County because we have two grown daughters who still live in the area and it gives us a chance to spend some time with them and their families.

Don't forget to follow my virtual blog tour and leave a comment on as many as you can. Who knows, you might end up finding yourself in the book I'm writing now.



Mason Canyon said…
Great looking banner. That will definitely catch people's attention. Best of luck on the tour, looking forward to your stop.

Thoughts in Progress
Sun Singer said…
Always nice to have help putting up and taking down booths. What a great way to celebrate the 4th.


P.S. I like your banner.
Thank you, Mason and Malcolm. I was thrilled when my publisher sent that banner to me.

I'm looking forward to visiting your blog again, Mason. You've been a terrific support.
Nick Belardes said…
I think it's great. Everything you're doing. You've built quite a legacy. More than any booth could contain.
Thanks, Nick. I'm sure working at it.
Combining in-person promo with online promo is quite a juggling act.

Jean Henry Mead said…

You have more energy than anyone I know. I love Ventura and would have loved to have been there. I agree that it was a great way to celebrate the 4th of July.
M.M. Gornell said…
WOW! Like your banner, Marilyn, "Jazzy" as someone I use to know always said. You're looking good too! Looking forward to seeing you in Hanford.

Madeline (M.M.) Gornell

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