Memorial Service

Sunday evening our church held a memorial service for the two women who died within hours of each other. The eldest of the two had no family. The other woman's family said they had no plans to have a memorial.

Our pastor, my son-in-law, God bless him, decided our church should give both these women a memorial service. He let everyone know that he'd been in contact with and found out some information about the women. Church members were asked to bring cookies.

The church began to fill before six p.m. People who lived in the senior apartment complex and knew the older woman arrived, along with some other friends.

All of the relatives of the younger women, most none of us knew anything about, also came, plus many of our church family.

My daughter, the pastor's wife, led several songs throughout the service, Amazing Grace, Fly Away and other appropriate songs.

Pastor gave a talk about the first woman then asked if anyone else wanted to tell something about her. A woman and her adult son both gave some memories as well as a man who lived in the senior center.

More people spoke after the pastor told about the second woman. It was interesting, that everyone who gave a memory of this woman was from our church. They told about how helpful she always was working with the kids at church on Wednesday night, how she always took home left-over food after a potluck to those she knew were in need, how she stayed in the hospital with the first woman when she was hospitalized and much more.

I told about how she was one of my biggest fans and always turned up for any book signing that I had in our town.

I think that her family learned more about her than they ever knew. Our church helped her when she was in need and we had no idea that she had so many family members living close by.

I know that our church family was happy that we had this memorial for both of these women.



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